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positive review All the employees that I talked with are awesome. They were extremely polite and answered every question I had. You should definitely consider going to see them.

Will L. Avatar
Will L.

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Mbambo O. Avatar
Mbambo O.

Excellent patient care and great customer service. Extremely nice service. The dentist and the dental employees are very educated and attention to detail is outstanding. Thank you so much.

beatrice p. Avatar
beatrice p.

Today I went to the dentist for the first time in many years. I had 2 teeth that needed crowns. I have always been to scared of the shots that I’ve never gone but I had no choice to go today! These people were AMAZING!!!!! Angels from heaven. I had no pain with shots.. didn’t even feel them and I got 8! I cannot recommend this place highly enough. 12 stars not 10! I will be going back to finish all the work I have avoided for years! Thank you guys so much

Mechelle P. Avatar
Mechelle P.

positive review great sevive, friendly. kids love it there

Heather D. Avatar
Heather D.

I’ve been taking my daughter here for a little over a year, and she’s always been extremely anxious when it comes to dental visits but the staff at Galva Family dental always do everything they can to make her more comfortable and less anxious. She’s had a few teeth pulled, and has never once been in pain and they take the time to talk her through the process of what they’re doing while they’re doing it. That is why they will continue to get our business and trust, they take the time to make an 8 year old feel less scared and as comfortable as they can.
One of my favorite things is they allow me to stay in the room with her which helps us both stay relaxed!
I recommend this dental office to everyone I know!

Samantha M. Avatar
Samantha M.

I have always had a great experience at Galva Family Dentistry. My kids are young and they like coming here - the hygienists are great and were able to do them separately but at the same time, which is great for single moms. Definitely recommend!

Jaclyn S. Avatar
Jaclyn S.

They were super great and amazing staff. Gave us a very fair deal for my daughter's braces almost made me cry I was so happy. I'm a single mom with 2 kids so it meant the world too us. Very professional I highly recommend.

kayla c. Avatar
kayla c.

positive review I love this place. I am so thankful for how caring the staff is! I have had an unfortunate situation with one of my molars. I left in tears of relief today because of how thankful I was to be listened too and taken care of. I know I am good hands and I know you would be too! 100/5 stars.

Thank you for amazing service you all are such a blessing!

Katie M. Avatar
Katie M.

positive review Everyone here was very kind,answered all questions I had, and got me all setup for my next appt. I’m excited to see everyone again and get my teeth fixed, thank you Galva Family Dentistry.

Donald J. Avatar
Donald J.

positive review I’ve loved everyone I’ve had at the galva family dentistry!

Kassi D. Avatar
Kassi D.

positive review great place , efficient staff

Eugene H. Avatar
Eugene H.

positive review All of you guys do a great job we get in very quickly and you’re very polite just all the way around very good people

Melissa E. Avatar
Melissa E.

positive review Great staff, friendly environment! I drive an hour just to go to Galva Family Dentistry. 😊

Lacey C. Avatar
Lacey C.

positive review Great service and staff. Every step and option was explained in great detail helping ease my concerns.

Daniel D. Avatar
Daniel D.

positive review Hands down the best dentist place around, the staff is incredibly friendly and kind. Almost feels like it's my family doing the exam, that's how caring they are. Would recommend to anyone who needs to see the dentist and is a little nervous about going back!

Andy C. Avatar
Andy C.

positive review First time today to become established as a new patient at the recommendation of a friend. Very impressed! The office was immaculate and everyone from check-in, my hygienist, to check-out, were very professional and pleasant. Highly recommend!

Susan P. Avatar
Susan P.

positive review Friendly staff. I have gone to the dentist in Galva for decades (Dr. Skaloud & now Galva Family Denistry). I was welcomed by familiar faces and today I met two new staff members to me. They were caring and wonderful to talk to. Thank you for another positive experience with great service.

Natosha H. Avatar
Natosha H.

positive review I highly recommend Galva Family Dentistry. I had my teeth cleaned and checked today. Everyone was friendly and thoughtful.

Linda S. Avatar
Linda S.

negative review I broke off a piece of my tooth and the best that they can do is two days from now. I will be finding another dentist.

Roxanne L. Avatar
Roxanne L.

positive review Very kind and compassionate staff. Took good care of our special needs son with tender loving care.

Margaret S. Avatar
Margaret S.

positive review Dr. Leslie and her Assistant were so kind and gentle to me today. Thank you so much for making me feel better it made me happy to see you today. Thank you again 🙂

Frankie C. Avatar
Frankie C.

positive review everyone was incredibly awesome today....hard to pick employee front row center parking for the month as they all deserve it....thanks ...b safe

Rusty S. Avatar
Rusty S.

positive review I had 2 Extractions on Tuesday and feel great today minimal soreness.

Ila P. Avatar
Ila P.

positive review Thank you for today and getting my daughter and myself in for out cleaning!! We had caitie for the first time and she was wonderful!! So nice and let Charlie watch what she was doing to my teeth lol and taught her how to floss. Always a very good experience when we go!! Highly recommended!!

Jennifer S. Avatar
Jennifer S.

negative review My son had an infected tooth. His mouth was swollen. He couldn't eat or sleep. Galva Dentistry said they didn't want to pull his tooth and referred him to a specialist in Peoria. Specialist had a 2 month wait just for consultation. Galva Dentistry offered other #s from Davenport and Peoria but still wouldn't treat him. Not to mention my son had been to Galva Dentistry before. We found a great dentist in Kewanee that got him right in. They are amazing and even offered to stay after hours to treat him. Needless to say. Our entire family will not be returning to Galva Dentistry.

Jeremy P. Avatar
Jeremy P.

negative review Tried sending my kid to peoria or Davenport for an infection and wouldn't even see him. my son was in excruciating pain and hadn't ate or slept in 2 days. instead of looking at him to see if they could help, they sent us off. luckily I found an amazing dentist LOCALLY that got my son right in and gave him meds to help him. he is doing much better now - no thanks to galva. this is not the 1st time they have turned my family down without even looking at us. (even during emergency situations)!!!

Jessica P. Avatar
Jessica P.

positive review Marci did a deep cleaning on half of my mouth today. She is very professional yet friendly. She explained everything and put me totally at ease.

Anita P. Avatar
Anita P.

positive review Friendly, professional group of people. I was given great care. Highly recommended!

Dianne L. Avatar
Dianne L.

positive review Absolutely AMAZING! Customer service is always the best! My daughter was terrified at the thought of going to the dentist, but we were both pleasantly surprised at how comforting and kind everyone here was! I don’t think I will ever take my kids anywhere else!

Samantha M. Avatar
Samantha M.

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